Monday, October 26, 2009

There's Gonna Be a Cocktail Musical!!!!

I say this with absolutely no irony, but I am crazy excited for the Cocktail musical I just read about on /Film. They don't share the affinity I do for the movie, which I could have sworn I talked about on the blog before, but my search is returning nothing more than brief praise. I love this movie and have since I was a kid. Well before I understood what happened to the Australian guy or why they had their falling out and Tom Cruise moved away, I loved all the drink flipping. In fact, I've always wanted to be a bartender and I'm pretty sure it's because of all the flipping. Love that stuff. This might be the first musical I drag Emily to. I've gone with her to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Producers and Mary Poppins. Meanwhile Evil Dead, High Fidelity and Toxic Avenger have come and gone since I moved out here. I will not let this one pass me by!

[post does not to go on]


  1. As of 2 weeks ago Toxic Avenger was still at New World Stages. Just sayin....

  2. Hmmm. You know anyone over there who could hook up a lifelong Toxie fan? That was my first head-crushing scene in a movie and I was in first grade. Probably explains some stuff...

  3. I don't know anyone on that show. Hell I worked on Ave Q in the same complex for 2 weeks and I can't even scrounge up a house seat for that! BUT it's on TKTS, and this is an ok discount:

    I think that the space is small enough that even rear orchestra seats aren't too far back. It's just more heads to contend with.

  4. $35 really isn't bad. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a review for travel and ticket expenses. Anyone? Hello...anyone?