Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey Kid, Your Mom Hated You

One of the things that worries me about this world of online tell-alls is that people divulge too much information. I believe that some things should remain private and worry about kids growing up now who have their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot archives. Well, apparently this isn't just a problem for young people. Has anyone else seen this HSBC Soap Box commercial? The second person who gets up (starting at 5 seconds and going to 10) says "I didn't want to be a mom. It took me three months to love him. I can't imagine my life without him." That's some cold shit right? Why would ever say that? I mean out loud. Ever. Not just to a commercial camera crew. Which she did. Your kid WILL see that. Especially if he somehow becomes such a UnitedMonkee fan that he's driven to read all my archives. Sometimes those things we think inside our heads should stay in there.

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  1. She's surely and actor. But why would the writer and director choose the African American mother to make such and ugly statement? Can anyone say stereotype? But even if she is not an actor, who the hell needs to hear her describe such a private, ugly thing?