Monday, October 19, 2009

Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory

*I have no idea which CCG they're playing. I'm with Penny "When does this get fun?"

*Sheldon's wearing a Greatest American Hero shirt.

*"It's true, I've seen him at the beach, he's like a human chicken wing." - Raj

*"Well, I imagine you've heard any number of things..." Sheldon

*"Wow, you really are a genius." - Penny. "Not really, I Googled how to do that." - Leonard.

*"The great thing about Ernie was that he never asked me for anything, he just gave." - Penny

*I've felt the same way Sheldon does about discovering something he didn't know was coming out. Sad.

*No surprise that Sheldon's a huge Wil Wheaton fan. Haha, now he's #6 on his enemy list either before or after Joel Schumacher of Batman & Robin infamy.

*I am nowhere near familiar enough with the Star Trek movies to get all these quotes.

*Now Sheldon's wearing a Superman shirt and Wheaton's got what looks like a Bender shirt.

*Raj got a wicked good burn in on those nerds about boning their moms.

*"SI-LENCE." - Sheldon

*"It's a joke." - Howard. "Are you sure?" - his date

*"Now fetch me Wil Wheaton!" - Sheldon

*Nope, it's not a Bender shirt, just a random robot I don't recognize.

*"My mother calls me every morning to see if I had a healthy bowel movement." - Howard

*"I couldn't ride a bicycle because my mom was worried that I would hit a bump and loose my virginity." - Howard's date

*Sheldon/Wil Wheaton throw down!

*"Your meemaw died? That's terrible." - Sheldon. I think Wil Wheaton's lying.

*Oh snap, I was right, Wheaton played Sheldon!

*"WHEATON!!!" - Sheldon. They had to do the Khan thing and it was awesome.


  1. Wheaton's shirt is from Penny Arcade:

  2. Ah, thank you Anonymous! Penny Arcade is one of those things that I keep hearing I should check out and just haven't yet.