Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ad It Up: DC Cosmic Cards

Bang! My first real foray into the history of the DCU didn't come from a comic (like The History of the DC Universe), but from trading cards. I was way into collecting baseball, basketball and football cards before getting into comics, but there was a time where I was buying both (ah, to have such simple worries as "Should I buy a pack of cards or a comic?"). During that time I bought a ton of comic based cards in packs and sets. Cosmic Cards were one of those sets and they even stayed in my possession after the great trading card purge of one of our family garage sales (don't worry, I sold them along with my original Simpons figures willingly, it's not like my parents cleaned out my collection or anything). This ad comes from Brave And The Bold Present Green Arrow, The Question & The Butcher #5 from 1992.

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