Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool NES Stuff On Etsy

So, there's this website called Etsy that offers people a place to sell all kinds of craft stuff. I didn't really know about it before Em started her own store on there called wicked knits where you can buy your own Golden Snitch or Brain Slug from Futurama.

Anyway, now that I'm done trying to line my pockets, I wanted to call out some rad old school NES stuff I saw on there. First this super-cool Mario quilt by GameInspired, I never thought about how well pixelated characters lend themselves to quilting because, well, I don't think about quilting ever, but maybe I'll start working on some stuff now that, you know, I don't have anything going on.

There's also this rad NES controller pendant, though the post from SarahLynneDesigns says that it's a custom job. I'm guessing you can request the same design if you wanted to bling yourself up a bit.

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