Monday, October 12, 2009

Are The New Snuggie Commercials Worse Than The Old One?

The short answer is yes. Not only can you now get your Snuggie in leopard and zebra print, but now your dog can get one too. That's right, your fur-covered dog can now get his or her own blanket with sleeves. You know, four of them. I've seen this commercial a few times and, while trying to find it on YouTube, stumbled across ever more.

Here's the one I keep seeing, notice the booty bump, roof raising and old man without a Snuggie at the football game. All he has is a stupid jacket, HA!:

Here's the one that asks what we've all been asking "When will you make designer Snuggies?" The answer is now.

This one specifically targets people who want their pets to look like assholes too:

And here's another fantastic voice over parody:

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  1. Methinks Milo needs a snuggie!

  2. But what about the designer snuggies for dogs???

  3. No kidding, right? It will never end.