Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Season Premiere: Real World/Road Rules: The Ruins

As long time readers know, I love me some Real World. I'm currently watching the season premiere of Real World/Road Rules: The Ruins. I freaking love these things. They're like an old school Avengers annual where the Avengers, the West Coast Avengers and any random characters show up to play softball or whatever.

The basic idea is that people who have won a challenge are on one team and newbies along with people who have come close, yet lost challenges are on the other. Before the day's challenge three men and three women are put up for elimination. Then after the daily challenge, the opposite team gets to choose from the six players who they want to go up against. If you beat someone, you take their money.

This season is plagued with all kinds of amazing love pentagons and other shapes the geometrical shapes I've never even heard of (or have been invented by science). The main villain so far is Wes, a dude I love because he completely goes against the alliances and demands to be treated fairly (mind you, he lied to everyone before the game and said he wasn't playing, so take that as you well). I just like seeing someone who has the muscle to back himself up, standing up against the ridiculous alliance formed by Kenny, Johnny Bananas and Evan. Ridiculous. And, even though s of right now there are 15 minutes left and it looks like Wes is going to get sent home by Chet, I'm still pretty sure Wes will win, which sucks because I like Chet. But you're no Wes my friend. These opinions are based solely on the idea that I've seen previews with Wes in them that I haven't yet seen in this episode. But MTV has done creative editing in the past. Also, why the heck would they think Chet could beat Wes? Oh well.

Also, I don't know much about muscles, but I feel like most of the dudes on this show have what I call show muscles. These are muscles sculpted in gyms or whatever. They're for TV. That's what Kenny has. Wes has real muscles. Muscles designed to hurt people. I know it won't go down like this because Kenny is (surprisingly) too smart to get in a fight and sent home, but I would love to see Wes lay some shit down on him. Just to see what it would be like. Nothing against Kenny, I'm just not real keen on him being this weird godfather like person along with Evan. Em had an idea that I fully support in which a lot of these Fresh Meat or Road Rules folks live in a Real World-style house to "prove" themselves a little more. Let's see it happen MTV!

I guess I should explain that Wes said straight up that he would throw his own team's mission. Oops, there he goes, Chet lost. Sorry bro. Anyway, Wes did his best to throw their first mission in, his team still won, he went in anyway and won and I can imagine he'll be doing the same over and over again.

Before the Ruins challenge at the end, it got really close to full out brawl between Wes and Darrell, a dude that no one really cares about, but is trying to suck up to the dude alliance. Good luck bro, you're out soon enough.

Now, we've got Diem against perennial hot mess Tanya. Personally I'm rooting for Diem because I've liked her since she premiered on Fresh Meat, but how crazy of an upset would it be of drunk ass Tonya pulls this off. We shall see. Hell even Tonya just said "Even Tonya can get that concept." Oh SNAP! Tonya won it! I can't say I'm happy, but whatever, upsets are few and far between in these things, even more rare is for a veteran to go home this early.

All in all this was a pretty great challenge premiere. You've got drama, weird love hexagons, betrayal and upsets. I love that the dudes on Wes's team think that he'll buckle. Not likely dudes. He'll continue to take people out from the other team, but that only helps him you guys. After two or three victories, the other team will NEVER choose Wes to go up against their players. That means, Johnny Bananas, Evan and Kenny will get tossed into the Ruins. Man, I never even took game theory, but this stuff is obvious to me. Can't wait for the season!!!


  1. does west ever fight?

  2. Not in this episode, but the commercials make it look like he looses his cool down the road and wails on someone.