Monday, November 16, 2009

Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory

Tonight's episode found Leonard, Raj and Howard accidentally eating pot cookies while on a camping trip to watch a meteor shower. Back at the ranch, Penny slips and dislocates her shoulder and Sheldon has to drive her to the hospital even though he doesn't have a license. This was one of the funnier episodes ever and I had a hard time keeping up with the quotes, but I did my best. And away we go!

*Heh, this reminds me of having to stay up late for astronomy class in college.

*Em says that meteor shower is supposed to be happening tonight.

*"I do miss the warmth of human companionship, heh, heh." - Sheldon

*Why is she in the bathroom without locking her door?

*"Don't you dare knock!" - Penny to Sheldon about to knock on the third door in her apartment.

*"Yeah, that would have been great, you and Penny having sex in a tent while I sit out here watching Howard hump a cactus." - Raj

*Ha, menopause=nature's birth control, good one Raj.

*They're eating pot cookies from middle aged teachers.

*Ooh, Sheldon't shirt is rad, it's bat's "spelling out" Riddler's question mark.

*Woah, Sheldon just got to second base with Penny.

*"It's going too fast Raj, slow it down." - Leonard regarding the Earth. Then Raj squints real hard and "makes it better."

*"With your American accent, everything sounds stupid." - Raj to Leonard.

*"I hate my name, it has "nerd" in it." - Leonard

*Eww, Howard boned his cousin.

*There's too many good quotes, I can't keep up.

*Oh Penny, even I know that Spock didn't drive the Enterprise.

*Haha, Penny's tattoo says "soup" and Sheldon peeked!

*"Sweety and meaty at the same time." - Raj RE: eating his pudding with a Slim Jim.

*"There there, everything's going to be okay. Sheldon's here." - Sheldon. Wow, that was creepy AND awkward.

*Haha, an "I love you brisket."

*Penny robot/Wall*E comparison is fairly apt.

*Haha, Penny wants Sheldon to sing "Soft Kitty." We sing this song way too much in our house.

*I had a feeling we'd see Penny and Sheldon in bed together at some point, but not like that.

*"You're a real douche." - Howard. "Who cares? You slept with your cousin!" - Raj

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