Friday, November 20, 2009

Jimmy Fallon Twilight Hilarity

Aside from what I said over here, I don't really have an opinion on Twilight. I do however find many of the spoofs about it funny. This post was originally going to be about those awesome Burger King Twilight commercials, but the haven't been posted on the BK website yet, so I'll take a minute to talk about Jimmy Fallon's continuing Robert Pattinson Is Bothered series and his interview with Twilight werewolf Taylor Lautner from last night's episode. I think I've seen most of the Robert Pattinson Is Bothered segments, but last night's was pretty great, with Fallon and Pattinson spending most of his time complaining about werewolves. Heck, it has its own website even.

Fallon went on to interview Lautner and it seemed like both of them had a pretty good time. I only stuck around to watch the first segment because I wanted to play a little Gears of War, but these other clips are pretty fun too, especially the mini-bike race.

If it wasn't for the intense allure of shooting the Locust in the face, I would have stuck around because Fallon had me laughing my fool head off last night. I had to stiffle myself so as not to wake the missus. It's nice to see him getting more comfortable in his roll as host.

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