Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gotta Love These Reebok Butt Commercials

I can't be the only one loving these commercials for Reebok EasyTone shoes which are apparently designed to tone your butt...easily. Aside from showing a cute girl walking around in short shorts, I love that the commercial doesn't shy away from actually using the word "butt." So many informercials and commercials wuss out and use "fanny" or "backside." What are we children? Just say "butt!"

It might seem like the commercial is aimed at men because of the aforementioned cute girl and the camera's wandering eye, but here's my take on it after watching three seasons of Mad Men. Women will want to buy these shoes not only for the reason that it's an easy way to tone your butt (which the commercial easily conveys), but also because the ladies want to draw the eyes of the cameramen in their lives (or on the street). Think about it. Thanks Don Draper!

Maybe I'll get a pair for myself, I could use some tightening.

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