Monday, November 2, 2009

Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory

This was another great episode. I kind of want to try kite fighting, anyone game? Also, I loved seeing Leoard try to understand football as I am a huge fan. Hit the jump for the full live blogging goodness.

*Kites Ho!

*Kite fighting is apparently a real thing.

*Penny's a Nebraska fan.

*"I'm sorry, I got bored and drifted off. Where exactly did the sucking happen?" - Sheldon

*"'Sorry' won't bring their kites down." - Sheldon

*Howard's got a Superman belt buckle.

*"You're a sucky friend, a sucky sucky friend." "If it was any look at all it was a 'you suck' look." - Raj

*"When we watch Star Wars we don't say 'We defeated the Empire!'" - Leonard. I feel the same way Leonard.

*"Some of my best friends aren't geniuses. Okay, some of my Facebook friends aren't geniuses." - Leonard

*Haha, Leonard's gonna be one of the girls drinking in the kitchen.

*Raj's summation of the commercials during football is pretty right on: beer, peeing problems and Viagra.

*"It's the second biggest Vespa they make!" - Howard

*I love that Sheldon knows football. Dude IS from Texas.

*"Football's ubiquitous in Texas." - Sheldon

*Texans believe soccer is "a commie plot."

*"Are you making this a Tier 1 friendship request?" - Sheldon

*"I'll teach you how to shoot close enough to a raccoon so that it craps itself." - Sheldon

*Nice BSG toaster that was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive a couple years ago.

*Leonard looks freaking ridiculous in that generic football jersey. He needs to put on jeans instead of red pants with the red jersey.

*"That however appears to be a football cocktail dress." - Sheldon

*"Cats refuse to wear sporting apparel." - Sheldon

*Haha, Howard gives Raj a Hello Kitty kite with a coin purse.

*"Let me take you someplace nice." - Howard. Love the dating mentality between Raj and Howard.

*Leonard is trying WAY too hard.

*Sheldon's repeated "Penny, Penny, Penny" knock is awesome.

*"Have the indigenous fauna accepted you as one of their own, nudge nudge wink wink." - Sheldon

*I like Raj's saber tooth tiger too. Looks kind of like Battlecat from He-Man.

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  1. "Let me take you some place nice" hahaha I love that part