Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SO Excited

You guys, I am SUPER excited about tonight's TV line-up. Even Tyra's America's Next Top Model, a show I despise more than any other on television, can't diminish my excitement for Lost and the season premiere of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2!

As you know, Lost is my favorite show on TV right now. So, my already high anticipation for any and all new things Lost was heightened to crazy levels after last week's episode which will not only (hopefully) reveal how Ben got all messed up before trying to get back to the island and what happened to Penny and Desmond, BUT it also looks like we'll get a look inside the Smoke Monster's temple! The commercial made it look like freakin' Indiana Ben and the Temple of Doom!

So, in addition to what will hopefully be the best episode of Lost ever, I've also got the Duel which will hopefully make up for what turned out to be the worst season finale in Real World history (and I know, I've seen them all). So, it'll be nice to see some familiar faces beating the crap out of each other for money and acting like hooligans.


  1. Shut up about how much you like Lost (I'm just kidding).

    And learn how to spell "Britney."

  2. Also, if you haven't checked out Better Off Ted (I can't remember), I think you'd dig it.

  3. Lost lived up to all my expectations and more. I didn't expect all the past stuff with Alex. Now on to Duel 2, I'm only 12 minutes in and four people have already hooked up (in pairs).

    I've seen parts of Better Off Ted and think I'll like it when I actually have the chance to watch a full episode.

  4. The Duel was AWESOME. I even got sucked into the aftershow...a new low.

  5. Yeah man, Lost was pretty splendid this week but I thought they underplayed the Desmond/Penny plot a little bit. We haven't seen either of them in so long, so it was just a little too brief for me... why is Ben so apologetic towards Desmond, anyway? Sure, he tried to kill his wife -- but that crap happens all the time in Los Angeles. And he didn't even make good on it! Plus, Ben's done a lot worse in the past, so I thought that plea to Sun to tell Desmond he's sorry fell a little flat. I kinda think we haven't seen the full scope of that confrontation.

    Anyway, love the site!

  6. Hey Josh, glad you dig the site. As far as Ben goes, I think he's been on every side of the dead parent/dead child/living-with-the-aftermath experience. They showed us that he has a soft spot for kids with Alex, so I'm thinking that Ben felt bad about almost putting Desmond through what he had been through with Alex and losing his own mom. I could be completely off and there might be more to the scene, but we shall see. I love not knowing where things are going. It's a great ride to be on.