Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organic Blog Enhancement

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've been doing some tweaks with the blog lately. Most are things you won't see for a while, but the most notable is the "Oh, DO go on" links at the bottom of the posts. I intended for these to just be on the longer posts, but they seem to have popped up on every post. Not sure how to change that (if anyone does, please drop me a line).

The other big change is that I've imported all of my Kickin' It Old School blog posts onto UnitedMonkee to keep everything in one place. They can all be found under the Kicking It Old School label. Hopefully all the tabs will jive and there won't be any problems. Hopefully. I'm slowly going through and updating any links that need it as well, hopefully everything will be set by tomorrow.


  1. This "Oh DO Go On" link was a lie. You did not, in fact, go on.

  2. Looks like someone didn't read the post all the way through.

    Best as I can tell, when the tag is right under the last line, there's no need to click it, but when it's a few spaces down, that's when you need to go one.

  3. I did read it. I'm still mad at you.