Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to the Funhouse

3:16:32 pm

Hey Gang, welcome to my little corner of the internet. First, an introduction. My name's TJ Dietsch. I'm the Associate Editor for ToyFare magazine. I started my Wizard career a few years ago as an intern while I was going to school at Ohio Wesleyan University. After graduating I stewed in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio for a few months before scoring a job in the busiest place at Wizard, the Research Department. A few years ago, I got married and now live with my wife Emily and our cat Milo in New York's Orange County.

Okay, enough about me. The purpose of this here blog is to throw the spotlight on some of the older movies, comics, TV shows, cartoons, toys, video games, music, books and just about anything else that made life interesting. And not just things from my childhood, but going back as far as I can. Sometimes you'll see reviews of my first viewing of Bullit (I'm watching it as I type), whatever comics I grab from the quarter bin (Blood Pack review coming soon) and just about anything else that grabs my attention (or grabbed my attention in the past) long enough to write a post about. Now, I don't want you thinking that this is one of those blogs where I complain about how great things used to be. I'm also a fan of modern pop culture and will probably throw in a review or commentary about those things every now and then, but this whole site is basically dedicated to the up-to-the-minute news, so I figured you could use a place to come in, relax and read about whatever I happen to be thinking about that day.

So, be on the look out for frequent updates, I'll do my best to write-up anything I come across, but also be sure to let me know how you like the blog so far by dropping me an E-mail with KIOS in the subject.

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