Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Halloween Scene: Leatherface and Michael Myers Drawings (2008)

2:37:37 am

As I mentioned before, I've been having some fun drawing lately. This time I wanted to do some larger pieces based on classic images of my favorite slashers. Below you'll find the original and my direct (though nowhere near as good copies). One of these days I'll stop doing these drawings on the back of scrap paper so you won't see the text through the white parts.

I'll start with the one I'm not as happy with.


Unlike the Michael Myers drawing below, I decided not to do the big time Sharpie fill-ins (mostly because they made me kind of dizzy). This was the first time I ever drew a chainsaw, a dude holding one or a mask made out of human flesh. I think it looks okay, but still cartoony. Ah well, it was fun.


I had a LOT of fun drawing this one and like I said above, got a bit dizzy with all the Sharpie blackening. There's definitely some parts where I didn't get the original down all the way (the placement of the knife, etc), but I think it captures the thing pretty well in black and white. I wish I had a blue marker that wouldn't look like a fourth grade art project. Those shadows and the hair sure can be hard to draw. But I'm starting to finally get hands. I think. I guess we'll see.


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