Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Netflix & XBox Live Is Awesome

2:57:41 am

So, in an unexpected move, my folks got me an XBox 360 for Christmas. I was pretty shocked and I know I'm super out of date with this kind of stuff, but there's a whole lot of cool stuff on XBox live. First and foremost, I'm a huge fan of the ability to watch your online Netflix movies on the TV, especially because neither of our computers can stream the movies for whatever reason. So, yeah, we've been watching all kinds of stuff like National Treasure 2 (love that series, Nic Cage at his best crazy), Hello Dolly (Em wanted to watch it after watching Wall-E again, not bad, but I fell asleep), 30 Rock Season 1 (the show makes a lot more sense when you see episodes from the beginning), Westworld (hopefully I'll get to a review on this soon), a really cool Pixar documentary about their history (highly recommended), a female version of Animal House called H.O.T.S. (completely ridiculous, but still pretty funny. I turned it off about half way through) and 20-30 minutes of Point of No Return which I hope to finish tonight.

A lot of these bad boys expire on December 31/January 1, so I've got a lot of watching to do. Hopefully that will translate into some good posts.

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