Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soon To Be Big In Japan, Chad Mikrut

Last night my friends back in Toledo had a surprise going away party for my buddy Chad Mikrut who will be spending the next year over in Japan for work. The best advice I could give him was to always carry a bottle of water with him everywhere he goes because Japanese children ghosts tend to be afraid of water. I later realized that Chad hates horror movies and may not have gotten the joke, but what are you gonna do?

Anyway, as a testament to Chad's radness, I decided to post a bunch of pictures I had of him, many of which are embarrassing. Now, I've known Chad since our Freshman year of high school. I can't remember the exact circumstances of our meeting, but I do remember him sitting in front of me in home room. Our Sophomore year, we did the musical along with a bunch of our other friends (we were flying monkey's on rollerblades). Later, Chad and I formed a band with our buddy Jimmy and, Chad Yates as singer at first and later Randy.

I'm not sure if the pictures require much more explanation I added tags for them, but then turned them into a goofy slideshow on Photobucket, so who knows? They're in close to chronological order. Enjoy!

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