Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey, Where'd He Go?

2:40:55 am

Hey gang, so, I went on vacation last week to head back to T-Town for my buddy Randy's bachelor party and wedding. Congrats to him. Now, I failed to mention this to you guys before I took off and didn't have computer access for the week, so sorry about that. But, while I was gone a few things went down on the interwebs. As of now, I don't know how to make these clickable links, but you can check these things out while I get my next few posts together:

First up I was involved with WizardUniverse.com's Thursday Morning Quarterback a few weeks back. We covered Angel, Justice League of America (my personal favorite book of the week) and more.

Also, my good buddy, former Wizard staffer, current ToyFare funny-bringer and renowned blogger Sean Collins dropped the folks at BoingBoing.com a link to my OMAC review which was pretty crazy. You can check out what they had to say about this here blog (though really, they just talk about how crazy OMAC is and, let's be honest, it is). Hopefully some of you found your way here because of it, so welcome!

And finally, Poe Ghostal did a quick 5 questions with me regarding ToyFare and all things toys, so head on over to his site and check it and the rest of his rad site out.

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