Thursday, May 14, 2009

Series Finales: Thursday Comedy

As you all know, I'm a big fan of NBC's Thursday comedy line-up (well, everything but Parks and Recreation). Well, I was pretty happy with the season finales for My Name Is Earl, The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock.

My Name Is Earl had some pretty obvious twists when it came to the end of the episode (Em called both of them), but I freaking love Norm MacDonald so that was awesome. It even makes up for the fact that they pulled MONKEEa Lost and are making us wait the summer to find out who's kid is whose.

Parks and Recreation was okay. There was some stuff with Leslie and Mark, but it ended up just being weird. I do like seeing her let loose, go the club and try to break a bottle in the pit, but I'm hoping that it carries over into next season (if there is one). As it is, I think I like Kath and Kim better on a week-to-week basis, but I don't necessarily want to see either show get canceled.

The Office was epic on all kinds of levels. When you start off with Dwight making that horse doctor joke, then follow up with reuniting Michael and Holly, THEN kick things up with a pretty hardcore volleyball game and THEN end with SPOILER Pam being preggo! Oh snap. Plus, you've got Dwight's friend giving Angela shit for being a cheater, Charles vs. Jim on the court and Dwight and Jim actually hugging! Oh and the super awkward moments between Michael and Holly on and off the stage, all of which culminates in Michael's heartbreaking view of his relationship with her through the lens of When Harry Met Sally. Ugh, awesome.

And of course, 30 Rock kicked ass. Again. As always. There were too many awesome moments for me to actually make note of them all, but I LOVED all the musician references. We got Liz being selfish, another good Kenneth and Tracy story and Jack being Jack. Here are the high point notes I took:

*"Fruit Blindness!"

*Tracy watching fake rain, awesome.

*"Suburban 7th graders have more sexual experience than you." - Jack.

*"What do you think this is, Wings?" - Jack.

*Elvis vs. Clay.

*MJB is hilarious, Loch Ness Monster Charity!

*Clay is Kenneth's cousin, awesome!

*"7th hour of the today show." - Cerie.

*"S that D, Shut it Down." - Liz, my favorite recurring quote.

*Tracey's speech is awesome.

*"Okay but I'm allergic to horses." - Tracy

*"Sit down Quiznos in Midtown?" - Liz

*The Beastie Boys are jerks.

*Oh man, I want to see the spin off of Tracy, Kenneth, Dot Com and Grizz in college!

*5 seconds in and the song is awesome.

*"We sure had quite a year." - Liz "What are you talking about, it's May." - Jack. Great ending. Great song. Great show.


  1. I don't watch My Name is Earl, but I liked Parks and Rec. As the show keeps going, it feels less like an Office rip-off, and I want Leslie to win, and I want Anne and Andy to work out, and I'm glad that Leslie might see that Mark's a dick. I'm happy.

    The Office was superb. Except I'm not sure I can handle the tension between Holly and Michael. It's hard enough to handle his crazy bullshit when he's being insincere, but he actually loves her, so it fracking hurts to have to see him be with her like that. And hells yeah on volleyball! and also on two Wire cast members in one episode! And I was super happy to find out about Pam, but I was really worried that Jim would do that TV boy thing where he's faking being happy, but then when he hugged her and his face was behind hers, and he was actually super happy! I loves it...

    And 30 Rock was awesome. Tina Fey on that talk show was awesome. Everything you mentioned was awesome. Sheryl Crow and that other dude playing along with Jack was great. That group of people was awesome. "I'm one of drunk ones!"-Cyndi Lauper. Fantastic.

  2. Sam, one more use of fake sci-fi swearing WILL get you banned.

    You've been warned.

    Aside from that agreed on all points, though I don't think we'll be seeing Holly much.

  3. What if I switch over to Firefly/Chinese swearing? Is that cool?