Monday, May 11, 2009

Best SNL Ever (At Least This Season)

Guys, I've missed well over half of this season of SNL, but last weekend, Justin Timberlake hosted for the third time and it was glorious. I've never been disappointed with a JT episode or cameo and this one may have been the best yet. Ben's the only person I've talked to about the episode, so I'm guessing most of you missed it to. Being the humanitarian I am, I've decided to embed as many SNL clips as I could find on Hulu (minus a few here and there, like the musical guest), so here goes.

Even the monologue was fun, with JT singing and dancing his way through the studio.

I don't usually enjoy the Target Lady skits, but JT in drag made this one a winner.

This might be the best "Come on down to BLANK-ville" mascot face off skit yet. Plus, boob jokes!

JT pokes fun at himself in an Immigrant Tale.

The hilarious sequel to JT and Andy Samberg's "Dick In A Box" digital short. "Motherlover" rocks.

If your mom is like mine and has called Aerosmith Aerostar and Meatloaf Meatball, then you'll laugh your ass off at the Mom Celebrity Translator like I did.

And finally (because I didn't find the Barry Gibb Talk Show all the entertaining, though big props for getting Jimmy Fallon to come back as a guest and not ALL of the skits have been posted) two Weekend Update exceprts. One is about Trekkies starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy and the other pokes fun at the current and former Governors of NY (and New Jersey).


  1. When I called my mother on Sunday to wish her a happy Mother's Day and she mentioned to me in regards to the previous night's SNL that "Justin Timberlake is very talented," if possible I loved her even more.