Monday, May 18, 2009

Seanson Finales: How I Met Your Mother

So, as Ben so astutely pointed out last week, this week actually had the How I Met Your Mother season finale (hey, we all make mistakes, right?).

So, we got the full cast back for the season finale which actually didn't deal with Ted's search/discovery of his future childrens' mother, but on the other characters. We had Barney and Robin dealing with their potentially budding relationship, Ted trying to design a BBQ restaurant, Marshall wanting to take a literal leap of faith, Ted fighting a goat and, most importantly, Ted deciding to take on a new career, a career we are promised will lead directly to meeting the woman he will marry.

I liked the season finale because I like all these characters (Marshall really got to shine in my opinion) and it even referred back to its own continuity (the goat and Ted's birthday). I do feel a little peeved at the fact that we're kind of left at the same place we were last season. Last season they showed us that Ted's future wife would be sporting a yellow umbrella like his. Then we got teased with Stella coming back, but she doesn't have the right umbrella. So now, we end another season by showing us a big space and telling us that the mother is in the group.

It's not a huge deal, and like I said I really like the show, but I hope they actually introduce the mother early next season. I've talked to some people who say that that will be the end of the show, but come on, it's just the basic premise and that can change. As a fan, I'd have no problem watching Ted and his future wife go through all the bullshit that couples do, especially if the writing stays consistent and we get to see even more development with all the characters. I've got faith because I think these guys put on a really good, well-thought-out show. In a weird way, it's actually kind of like Lost because you're got these interesting ways of telling a story and playing with structure telling a long-term story with an end goal in mind that will take some twists and turns along the way, while always remember where it came from. Good stuff.


  1. I just don't buy Barney as being in a committed relationship. I'm worried it's gonna ruin the character. That said, his and Robin's back and forth in the hospital was hilarious.

  2. See, I think they did a good job with that whole 200th sexual partner thing a few episodes back when he put the list away and wanted to move on to something new. He'll be the same guy, just won't be chasing after women as much. Plus, I kind of like the idea of the shenanigans he and Robin will/could get into as a couple.

  3. I'm taking a wait and see, because you're right, it could be decent, but I'm worried that having four of the five principals in committed relationships again will limit plotlines. It was different when Barney was the single one, because he could provide enough crazy shit for the whole cast, but I'm not sure Ted's search for love can carry the single person load.

    Also, you have to remember that I watched the first three seasons in the course of like a month and a half, so I'm still adjusting to the fact that they spent so long setting up Ted-Robin and then ended it after what was a season for most people, but like a week for me.