Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best Commercial About Pubic Hair Ever

I've been seeing bits and pieces of this Schick Lady Razor commercial for the past few weeks and noticed the morphing bushes throughout (it was the triangle followed by the landing strip that really tipped me off) represent various ways in which women can trim their pubic hair. I'm kind of astonished that this made it onto prime time television, but it also made me laugh. Hard. This is the kind of ad I'd pitch as a joke if I were an ad person, only expecting to get a laugh before moving on to an actual pitch. God bless you ad people. Yeah, you've got to hit the jump to see it. It's awesome.

Sean informed me of this other commercial. I've never seen it on TV, but, if the tag at the end of the video is to be believed, it's from the UK, a lawless country without rules or regulations (now would be a good time for those of you in the UK to comment!).


  1. You should check out the racy European version...

  2. Oh, I get it! Bush, like vagina bush. Good one, TJ!

  3. I've seen it and didn't realize what it was about until I read this. Way to be keen to a lady's needs, TJ.


  4. What can I say? I'm very tuned in to my feminine side.

    And landing strips.