Monday, May 18, 2009

Season Finales: SNL

I'm still going to stand by my claims last week that Justin Timberlake's episode was the best of the season, but Will Ferrell's season finale was pretty rad too (plus, I love Green Day). I really like the amount of skits that involved most/all of the cast in one way or another, plus there were an amazing amount of random guest stars (like Amy Poehler coming back for update), though you don't get a good sense of that from these clips. I realize half way through the episode that there's a difference between your average host and a returning cast member hosting. Sure some of the celeb hosts who host a bunch have a character or two I like to see again, but with a returning cast member, you're never quite sure what favorite characters you'll see come back. Well, here's the Hulu clips. I do wish there were a few more, as I fell asleep before the last skit and completely missed it, but you work with what you have.

Another good monologue, but what's with the scarf?

How can you not like the Celebrity Jeopardy skits? Especially with Tom Hanks as himself and another very special guest I talked about last week.

This was a pretty weird skit about a funeral, but it got almost everyone involved.

I don't know anything about the Lawrence Welk Show, but this got some laughs.

Of all of Will Ferrell's characters, Harry Carry is the last one I expected to see again.


  1. This episode had built up so much goodwill with me, especially the return of Celebrity Jeopardy, but as always, the Maya Rudolph Rule is in effect, where one appearance by Maya Rudolph is enough to ruin any episode of any TV show ever for me.

  2. Your hatred of Maya Rudolph is fascinating.

  3. She is a selfish actress who needs to dominate every scene she is in through overracting and stepping on her co-stars' lines.