Monday, May 11, 2009

Season Finales: Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother

Okay, spoiler warning right off the bat for anyone who watches Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother but may not have watched the season finale.

First off, I really dug the Big Bang Theory season finale. Yes, it kind of leaves us in the same place we were last season, though without the geek getting the girl. Better yet, the girl WANTS the geek, but he's gone. My one complaint with BBT is that, at the end of the first season, Leonard and Penny were together, but were split up by the first episode of the second season. It seemed really rushed and strange, but everything else was great this season.

First off, Bazinga should be the new "punk'd." Just saying. Anyway, I like how Penny has been gradually realizing she like Leonard without slapping us in the face with it. I also like how our favorite nerds actually ended up going to the pole, but am worried that they'll have Penny with someone else when they get back after the summer ala Ross, Rachel and Mona (errr, Mona). All in all, a good season with a satisfying season finale, though I hate to see the season end.

With HIMYM, we've been waiting four seasons to find out who the mother will be. I thought last week we'd finally be introduced to her with the whole umbrella thing, but I was enraged to see Stell back. She left him at the freaking alter. It can't be her!

My biggest fear with HIMYM is that they'll pull some hackey "THIS was your mother the whole time" reveal. Also, I hate Stella because she left him at the alter (as I mentioned) and because I hate Scrubs. I was rooting for Ted to stay strong and he did! That's my boy!!!

Also, they said "Murder House!" I don't remember when it started, but Em and I say that about sketchy looking houses and buildings whenever we see them. "Ted you can't design a murder house!!!" made it even better.

A few quick notes of awesomeness: the crazy neighbor lady coming out and saying random stuff, Barney freaking out in prison and the fact that Ted's cell phone ring is Robin's teen pop song. Gotta a love a show with it's own continuity. Plus, Lilly's back!!! (She's been gone for a few weeks because Alyson Hannigan gave birth.) Anyway, hopefully we'll get into the mother meeting for real in season five.


  1. There's still another new ep of HIMYM next week, amigo.

  2. It cannot be Stella- she had a blue and white umbrella in the scene, and in an earlier season they showed the mother as having a matching banana colored umbrella. Ted can/will do better! I'm kinda hoping for Veronica (?) to come back from the German cupcake school...

  3. Well, I stand corrected.

    As far as the baker lady goes, I don't want it to be her for the simple fact that they've been screwing with us this whole time. I want it to be someone completely new and different.

  4. TJ, let's get into your real issue with HIMYM: It's just no Battlestar Galactica.