Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yet Another Reason To Be Terrified By Parenthood

Hey gang, one of the reasons I haven't posted in a while is because Em and I made the long trek home (Michigan actually) for a family reunion. I got to meet my cousin's kids for the first time and they were adorable, so, of course, thoughts of kids have been dancing around lately. Then, this morning after possibly breaking my toe a letting out a torrent of profanity (how do you know if your pinky toe is broken?), I saw this video by a kid named Justin Bieber called "One Time."

Here's the red flags I see: Two 13 year old kids are hanging out unsupervised in Usher's house. It apparently takes approximately 20 seconds to get a house party going thanks to technology. Girls seem to dress way...less than I remember. This party's lame, no one's even throwing stuff in the pool. Where's the beer? Plus, you don't zip your hooded sweatshirt up to the middle, it's either most-of-the-way or nothing! Damn kids, get off my lawn! Wait, what was I talking about? I think my old man is showing (not a euphemism, well not a dirty one).

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