Monday, August 10, 2009

Internet Casting

I haven't done one of these big link posts before, but I finally got caught up on all my Google Reader posts from the past week and heard some pretty rad news and saw some cool videos today and just wanted to share them with you, so enjoy!

I've been holding off on buying the Kill Bill DVDs for YEARS now. I freaking love those movies and they're the only Tarantino movies I love and haven't bought yet, because I've been hearing rumors of the Whole Bloody Affair version. Well, according to /Film, it's finally happening. Quentin just wanted to finish some additional animated sequences that he wrote to the O-Ren anime stuff. Can't say I really care about that, but I'm just looking forward to having this bad boy on my shelf finally, so I don't have to wait until TNT plays the two movies back-to-back. Also, Inglourious Basterds opens this weekend and I'm super psyched, regardless of my thoughts on Death Proof.

As you know, I love Kevin Smith and have been jonesing for a Smodcast (his podcast with Scott Mosier, usually) and finally got a new one this week. Listening to it told me three very interesting things. 1. Mosier and Jim Mahfood pitched a cartoon that got picked up for a pilot (or something). 2. Smith's latest film A Couple of Dicks (which will probably get renamed) will be finished filming soon. 3. Mosier's writing an action movie! Crazy. They also talk about the latest Harry Potter movie. I'd much rather hear them talk about it than actually watch it.

There's this group of artists in Philly called The Autumnal Society who are doing a show that opens soon (maybe today) focusing entirely on art based on video games. Check it out!

Last night I watched a portion of Discovery Channel's Raging Planet - Lightning in HD and it was freaking amazing. Em watched the one about tornados and also dug it, but I was busy updating my Sequential Swap page.

I haven't talked about Tony Jaa's Ong Bak or The Protector on UM, but I freaking love those movies, but Rob over at Topless Robot may just be right when he says that the girl in this movie called Raging Phoenix may top Jaa. It looks sick. Those Thai folks really know how to kick ass.

To break up the TR kudos, it's nice to see this fanboy get taken to the carpet for being a jerk to Rob Liefeld at a con by regular people along with pros like Cameron Stuart, Cully Hamner and Pia Guerra among others. Thanks to my buddy Seanfor the heads up.

And finally, this one's from last week. Again from Topless Robot, this is a video of Star Wars characters from the Disney Star Wars Weekend dancing (originally from College Humor). Rob didn't like it so much, but I laughed my ass off. There really is nothing like a Stormtrooper getting down.

Having just been to Disney World myself, this seems completely normal.

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