Friday, August 14, 2009

Blackest Night Theory Confirmed!

Blackest Night spoilers ahead!

Back in May, I guessed that one-time Green Lantern villain Nekron would have something to do with this whole Blackest Night thing. Well, according to Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, I was right.

Just click on the image shown and then flip through the images until you get to the non-smiley face reveal.

For more Blackest Night goodness, check out Curt Purcell's review of the books with an eye towards the horror aspect. Here's the latest on his blog The Groovy Age of Horror (love that name).


  1. Congrats on being right, TJ, and wow--I'm honored for the mention, since you obviously know so much more about this stuff than I do. Diving cold into something like this is certainly an interesting experience!

  2. Curt, I can't even imagine jumping into something like Blackest Night cold. It's super impressive.