Thursday, August 27, 2009

Casting Internets

I saw this on Diggnation yesterday (actually had notes on a whole new Casting Internets for yesterday that somehow disappeared, go figure). It's a long clip because it's actually from the podcast (which I highly recommend), but you get to see a kid getting hit with a Mentos-fueled bottle of Diet Coke he tosses on a tennis court. It's amazing.

Justin's comic can now be ordered, so ask your retailed about ordering Hero House already! He also guest blogged over at Pop Candy today.

Bob Mitchell posted this bad boy. Not sure if it's something he did himself or just found. Either way, it's awesome. How is there not a "Disney characters as superheroes" art blog?

Jim's been doing a cartoon/comic/piece of art everyday. This time it's the Lost island. Jim's Lost island drawing:

Beer prices are going up? Sigh.

I both enjoyed Sean's post about All-Star Batman and Robin and completely agree with him (you can even see me doing so in the comments).

This is another one from yesterday, but Topless Robot's list of the 10 craziest Quantum Leap leaps is pretty rad. I distinctly remember seeing the end of the episode where he leaps into the supposed vampire and being REALLY confused.

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  1. Man, that "Lost" drawing is pretty darned rad!
    (Thanks for the link, TJ!)