Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Interview With Harold Ramis

Sometimes work doesn't really feel like work, especially when you're getting paid to talk to world famous forces of comedy like Harold Ramis. The latest issue of ToyFare (#144, now on stands, go buy it!) has a group of features I'm really proud of where we talk about how awesome 1984 was. To go along with the theme, we shot Mattel's upcoming Ghostbusters figures for the cover and, after months of trying, an interview with Harold Ramis co-writer of the film and, duh, Egon.

I got an email about the interview on the Monday before we closed, did it on Tuesday or Wednesday and then frantically transcribed as much as I could because we closed the issue that Friday. Since you hopefully want to support me, you've already purchased the issue and read the small portion of the nearly 40 minute interview, but now you can read the whole thing over at He was really nice and smart and funny (jeez, I sound like we went on a date), but he was also one of the best interviews I've ever done (and that roster includes Joel Silver, Mr. T, Stan Lee and John Landis). I probably could have talked to him for a day, really, but didn't want to come off compeltely crazy. Plus, my mouth gets really dry when I get nervous and I'm always the exact same level of nervous (very) no matter who I'm talking to. So, go check it out already!


  1. Oh I love Harold Ramis so much. I'm one of the heretics that likes Ghostbusters II more than the first, though I recognize that it's clearly the weaker film... but damn if I'm not a sucker for Viggo the Carpathian.

    This was a great, great, great interview man! He really gave up the goods. Awesome job.

  2. Hey thanks Josh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    It's funny that you mentioned Ghostbusters II because about a year ago when I bought the DVD 2-pack, I was watching the original and realized that all my memories of watching it on TV as a kid were actually of GB2. So, there's definitely a special place in my heart for 2. How can you go wrong with a river of ooze in the sewers?!